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Workspace: Nina’s Ristorante

Workspace: Nina’s Ristorante

Nina Psarros has spent her entire life in the kitchen. In fact, she was literally born there in Palermo, Sicily. It is only fitting that life comes full circle as she invites us in to her kitchen while she shares her love of the kitchen and cooking with her grandchildren.

Nina owns and operates the Nina’s Ristorante in North Raleigh known for its authentic Sicilian cuisine, wine list and connection to the community. She first opened the doors to her restaurant 26 years ago in Upstate New York but it was the summer of 1999 that she decided to move down South with her husband Chris Psarros to share their love of Italian cuisine and culture with Raleigh, NC. It isn’t just the love of cooking that drives Nina. It is primarily her love of family and community that keeps her high energy burning bright. Stop in on any given night and you’ll enter a restaurant full of people who truly feel like family.

This weekend she was teaching her grandchildren the fine art of preparing stuffed calamari. Let’s see how things went…

Separating and cleaning the legs and the bodies.
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-03 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-04
Nina Simone was a little hesitant when she saw what calamari looks like in its original form.
2Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-36 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-08
The girls taking it all in.
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-09 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-10 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-11 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-12
A little oil, garlic, onion and parsley…
A few capers won’t hurt.
The breadcrumb is added and we’re ready to start stuffing!
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-17  Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-19 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-20   Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-23 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-24 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-25
These little guys are looking delicious already.
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-26 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-27 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-28
Nina Simone getting a little squeamish again.
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-29 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-30 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-31 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-32
Let’s add some sauce in there…
The finishing touches…
Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-34 Ninas-Ristorante-Oak-City-Hustle-35
The final dish came out amazing. Unfortunately I do not eat seafood so I was unable to sample this work of art but I was told it was absolutely delicious. It looked and smelled incredible.

Nina’s Ristorante is tucked away in a cozy location near Six Forks and Strickland at 8801 Leadmine Rd. They are open for dinner every night except Sunday. There is no place in the Triangle I would recommend more if you are looking for authentic Sicilian cuisine. The specials are always amazing, the wine list goes deep and Nina will always go the extra mile if you have particular requests. Give them a call and make a reservation. Join the family!


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Sean brings a mix of social consciousness, inspiration and creative connection to his life as a family man, artist, social organizer, producer, creative director and co-founder. “Family, friendship, and artwork are the pillars that keep my foundation secure. I am always looking to expand and explore all forms of artistic expression.”

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