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Videri – Downtown Raleigh’s very own chocolate factory

Videri – Downtown Raleigh’s very own chocolate factory

I had no idea that Downtown Raleigh had their very own chocolate factory. Videri, located directly across the street from The Pit, is the perfect little spot to hit with the kids, grab a coffee, or even just to “chollax” (chocolate relaxation). Don’t bother looking up that word. I just made it up.

Their “bean-to-bar” approach is nothing short of enchanting. With a cool and comfy dining/chollaxing area to the behind-the-scene view of the chocolate making process, it is a must see in Downtown Raleigh. I stopped by with the kids after scooping them from school and we all had a blast. Make sure and stop by their site to gather more info. Videri comes highly recommended.

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