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To Grandma’s House We Go (Allen and Son)

To Grandma’s House We Go (Allen and Son)

Recently, one of my friends came back to visit for a weekend.  He’s been living in Seattle for the past year or so.  When asked “what would you like to eat,” he chose NC BBQ from Allen and Son.  It made me wonder, what makes a man who has been living in Seattle for the past year want to visit this place?

So naturally, I turned it into a blog post.

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I’ll admit it, I am a BIG FAN of NC BBQ.  Love the stuff.  Before football games, picnics, and weddings.  Anytime is a good time for some NC-style BBQ.

There are plenty of world-class BBQ joints scattered around our area.  What makes Allen and Son unique? What you immediately notice is the “grandma’s house” decor.  Not my grandma.  Most likely someone’s grandma who grew up in this area.  But that’s exactly what makes this place awesome.

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If you are a fellow Oak City resident like me, Allen and Son is a bit of a drive.  It’s waaaaay down I-40.  But if you’re closer to the Durham/Chapel Hill area, Allen and Son is a really good place to go for some quality BBQ and Southern cuisine.  As they began to bring out the pitchers of iced tea (it is the sweet nectar of angels) and my enormous helping of hushpuppies, slaw, and BBQ, I was finally beginning to see why my friend would want to eat here after living in Seattle for the past year.  He just couldn’t get that good ole’ North Carolina BBQ out of his mind.  And as the meal progressed, I couldn’t blame him.  If I had just lived in Seattle for a year, it only makes sense that this is the thing I want to eat first when coming back to NC.

There’s not much else to say.  NC BBQ isn’t a complicated thing but there is something about it that makes it wonderfully classic and heart-warming .  My roots aren’t from around here, but I’ve been here long enough to fall in love with the BBQ, its something that is truly local and unique to our area.

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