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The Raleigh Zombie Walk

The Raleigh Zombie Walk

The annual Raleigh Zombie Walk has risen the undead once again in Downtown Raleigh. After a stroll through the streets eating brains and decomposing the night was topped off with an unholy party at Tir Na Nog. Once again, Oak City Hustlers Joe Bruno and Robert L. Brown were on set, putting their lives on the line to document and chronicle this tragically titillating twilight.

photo set 1: Joe BrunoRaleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_2Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_3Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_4Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_5Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_6Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_9Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_7Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_10Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_13Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_14Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_15Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_16Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_17Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_18Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_20Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_21Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_22Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_23Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_24Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_25Raleigh Zombie Walk by OakCityHustle.com_26

photo set 2: Robert L. Brown

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Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is capturing the burgeoning cultural scene in Raleigh one frame at a time. With a multi-faceted skill set, this New York native brings an unending energy to every project he puts his back into. Joe stacks em’ high with holding down roles as audio engineer, DJ, photographer, editor, director and co-founder.

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