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The Inside-Out Project from artist JR visits Artspace in Raleigh

The Inside-Out Project from artist JR visits Artspace in Raleigh

It is incredibly rare for a global contemporary art icon set up a project here in Raleigh. During the September First Friday at Artspace, French artist JR did just that with the Inside Out Project.

JR rocketed to international notoriety from his legendary TED Talk in 2011. If you haven’t seen it take a few minutes and click play on the embedded link below. He is one of the few street artists that has leveraged his art to truly make a difference in impoverished cities and villages across the world. When JR won the TED prize at the 2011 TED Conference he called for the creation of a global participatory art project with the potential to change the world. This project is called INSIDE OUT.

Inspired by JR’s large‐format street “pastings”, INSIDE OUT gives everyone the opportunity to share their portrait and make a statement for what they stand for. It is a global platform for people to share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art. The pastings are still up on the outside wall of Artspace so make sure you swing by and check it out for yourself.


Artist Eric Mcray signs the digital waiver.


The mobile photo booth and large format printer sits ready for the next participant.







Yo Seano!




After the photo is taken the large format print outputs from the side of the truck.


Pete Sack in the house!



Sean Kernick

Sean brings a mix of social consciousness, inspiration and creative connection to his life as a family man, artist, social organizer, producer, creative director and co-founder. “Family, friendship, and artwork are the pillars that keep my foundation secure. I am always looking to expand and explore all forms of artistic expression.”

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