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The Incredible Angelica Bell

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The Incredible Angelica Bell

Angelica Lorraine Bell

NPC (National Physique Committee) Figure Competitor

28 years old


Contest Weight: 135 at 8% BF

When I asked Angelica Bell – a Raleigh-based competitive bodybuilder – to tell me a little about herself, her response began with these statistics. But this formidable lady is more than just the numbers she uses to describe herself. She’s a force to be reckoned with, both physically and personality-wise. “Society has this stereotypical image embedded in their minds that women should be pint-sized and petite. Well…that’s just not me. Not anymore.” 

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Three years ago, the personal trainer was approached at the gym by a retired bodybuilder who asked if she competed. “I laughed a little and looked at him like he was crazy,” says Bell. But after seeing photos of his daughter, who was a competitor, Bell had a change of heart. “I thought to myself ‘wow I could really do this and be good at it.’”

Since I admittedly know absolutely nothing about competitive bodybuilding, Bell was kind enough to explain to me that there are 5 divisions: Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding. Bell competes in Figure. “I love the femininity of the Figure division,” she says. “Sparkly posing suits, lots of bling, high heels, the hair and make-up…I’m really kind of a girly girl so the glam aspect of it is most definitely one of my more favorite parts of competing.”

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Bell has to follow a strict fitness regiment to prep for a show, which she describes as the most challenging part. “Eating constantly, the manipulating of the diet, training twice a day, eventually it can take its toll on you, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.” She’s competed in 3 NPC shows and 2 local non-sanctioned shows, recently winning the Over All award for her division.

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“Making time for the sport, work and of course my son is not as difficult as it may seem,” says Bell. She works out of the gym, and has her 4 year old son with her every day. “It’s very convenient for me actually. I get to train myself, clients, and have my little man right there with me the entire time.” She admits though, that sometimes a helping hand is necessary. “Thankfully I have a great support system of family and friends who help and encourage me to achieve my goals.”

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As for her physique, Bell gets mixed reactions. Yet she maintains a healthy and positive attitude about her body, and has never felt better about herself.  “I’m a strong, capable woman in all areas of my life,” she says. “Plus I find it extremely empowering that I don’t need a man to start the lawn mower (no offense guys).” Bell definitely exudes confidence, and she has some words of advice for women: “whatever it is that brings out the best version of yourself and your inner strength I encourage you to do it. I found those qualities and many more through bodybuilding.”

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Stacey Bell

Stacey Bell is a Senior Writer with Oak City Hustle covering the grit and glory of local creatives who make their mark on Raleigh, NC.

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