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The Concrete Canvases of Ahpeele Studios

The Concrete Canvases of Ahpeele Studios

As you enter into Downtown Raleigh via Capital Blvd make sure you safely glance over the barrier to your left and take in the awesomeness of the revamped and repainted Ahpeele Studios. For years owner and artist Adam Peele has generously made his walls available, both inside and out, to the Creative Class of Raleigh. The shorter walls along the back have been a hot spot for local and legendary graffiti writers, muralists and street artists. The large wall that runs along the alley and is visible from Capital Blvd is reserved for the big dogs who can handle the heavy lifting of going really big. The wall has shown 5 large scale murals that have gotten redone every 6 months or so and is presently exhibiting the amazing work of Taylor White. Check out more of her incredible work on her site and her Tumblr.

The work that goes on inside AhPeele Studios is as amazing as what goes on outside. In half of the building they run a full service screen printing business inside that services sign painting, interior decorative painting and t-shirts. In the other half they house a multi-purpose art gallery space where walls have been painted, art has been hung and legendary parties have been had.

If you have driven by and never stopped you need to remedy that next time you are on Capital. Take a stroll around the building, snap some pictures and buy some art and clothing inside. Adam Peele is a Raleigh staple and a perrennial great guy. From the word of the man himself, “Don’t quit and you’ll never lose”. Oak City Hustle Official, Support Ahpeele Studios.














The mural wall has been active for a number of years now. Me and my crew had a run at it a few years back. Here’s to “The Land Before Toys”!

ahpeele-nsm ahpeele-nsm2 ahpeele-nsm3-seano-graffiti

The location is a little tricky to find so I hooked up a little map. If you are coming in from Capital you will have to drive into the city two blocks and go around the block on West Jones to head N on MacDowell/Capital making a right roughly 200 feet after the overpass. Check it out.

Ahpeele Studios
400 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

More info check out their Facebook page and website.ahpeele-studios-raleigh-map

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