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Dasan Ahanu – Tall Ambition

Standing at 6’7”, it is hard for anyone not to notice Dasan Ahanu walk into a room. However, it is more than his height than that will...

Gemynii Evolving

The Art of Cool of Cicely Mitchel

When one thinks of the sultry sounds of jazz and soul drifting through darkened city streets, one might be hearkened back to the origins of...

Stacey Bell

Laura Reed Performs “Naturally” at The Pour House

We recently had the pleasure of joining Laura Reed at her latest live performance at The Pour House. She tore the building down per usual!

Joe Bruno

Thousands in Attendance for NC Pride 2014!

It was a beautiful day this past Saturday in Durham where people from across the state and country gathered for the 30th Annual N.C. Pride...

Anfernee Afterwit

FREE TICKETS!! Jamie Kennedy Show this Weekend @ Goodnights Comedy Club!!

OH SNAP! Look who is giving away free tickets for the Jamie Kennedy show this weekend. Oak City Hustle and Goodnights Comedy Club have...

Joe Bruno

Tonight! An Evening with Award-Winning & Grammy Nominated Musician Christian Scott

You ever wonder, "What if Sade gave birth to the joint love-child of Miles Davis & Jean-Michel Basquiat?" Me too. All day... every damn...

Sean Kernick

Textured Raleigh from Caroline Cockrell

Oak City Hustler Caroline Cockrell scours our great city and shares the textured nooks & crannies that most of us walk right past....

Caroline Cockrell

Peruvian Chicken?! (Mami Nora’s Rotisserie)

Peruvian chicken?!? In Raleigh?! It's likely Peruvian cuisine may not be on your radar.   You may be more familiar with local garden...

Ming Liu

The Art of Cool Project is bringing words and music together

There is a major international music festival coming to Durham in the spring of 2014. Ok, maybe you didn’t hear me. I said that there is...

Dasan Ahanu
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