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SPCLGST Presents Dusty Fingers with Matt Stone

Spclgst catches Dusty Fingers with Matt Stones vinyl collection

Joe Bruno


Our innaugural episode features SPCLGST. A creative powerhouse and all-around wackjob, Joe SPCLGST Giampino embodies all that is cool about...

Joe Bruno

Can U Dig It? w/Doc Verbz (episode 7)

This episode focuses on horn loops. Why not dig up the man, Chuck Mangione? Who else could play the Flugelhorn like him? Bought this record...

Jabari Young

Can U Dig It? w/ Doc Verbz (episode 6)

This week's episode focuses on what I refer to as the "CHOP"! I find it too easy to sample a loop, add drums and bass line and then be...

Jabari Young

Can U Dig It? w/ Doc Verbz (episode 5)

Jazz has always been a major influence in Hip Hop production, my friends. In fact, I would say it is the music genre of choice when...

Jabari Young

Can U Dig It? w/ Doc Verbz episode 4

With the recent events that have touched our lives, I felt it was appropriate to post a beat that expresses the feeling of "Confusion"....

Jabari Young
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