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Accumulate: PEZ with Joei Fiteny

Accumulate: PEZ with Joei Fiteny

Good ole’ Spclgst has been scouring the city in a hunt for extravagant collections in the area. His exploration for these incredible acquisitions has unearthed an amazing collection of PEZ dispensers from Raleighite Joei Fiteny. Let’s pull back the head and eat some neck candy…


How many pieces in your collection?

I finally took them all out and counted…321 PEZ


What inspired you to start collecting ?

I already had a few and I heard about a PEZ convention. That got me thinking that there are people out there who collect PEZ, so I started collecting them too.


What’s so special about your pieces?

That a lot of them were given to me as gifts from those who know me best and want to support my interests.


What do you love most about it?

That it’s something different that most people don’t collect.


What’s your prized piece?

What’s your prized piece? A porcelain PEZ my Aunt gave me



What’s the most memorable story about your collection?

I had to leave my PEZ collection behind in NC when I moved to NYC because I didnt think I would have enough room for it. When I went down to visit my mother, she had opened up some of the PEZ to display in a case. I was very upset that she opened the PEZ because they lose value once opened.


What your pride and joy?

The Marvin the Martian PEZ. He is standing on some planet with his rocketship. You can push a button and he goes over to his rocketship to get a PEZ candy for you.


Do you still collect?

Somewhat but not like I used to.


What’s the one piece you are still after? Do you have it? Is it within reach?

1960’s psychedelic hand with eyeball. I love it because it is just so unusual looking. I don’t have it yet, and probably will never want to spend that kind of money on a PEZ to get it.


Any last words?

Any last words? Im also a PEZ candy addict…


Thank you, Joei Fiteny! If anyone out there has that 1960’s PEZ with Hand and Eyeball, and a huge heart, Hook Joei Up!

Stay tuned for more collections and the awesome people collecting them!


If you are sitting on an extravagant collection, i.e. He-Mann figures, Dead-Stock Jordans, or Vinyl Toys.. Hit us up! We want to share the awe and amazement!


Spclgst’s willingness to explore has made him a DJ in demand. Having held down residencies in New York and Philadelphia, he’s become well-known in Raleigh with weekly shindigs at both The Hive at Busy Bee and Five Star. But such success is not enough for him. He’s constantly looking to push his skills to the next level.

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