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Spclgst is hiding Special Gifts around Downtown Raleigh!

Spclgst is hiding Special Gifts around Downtown Raleigh!

Often there is something cool going down in Raleigh. This time we can blame DJ SpclGst.

If you know Oak City Hustle’s major contributor, DJ SpclGst, you know he comes up with original ideas on the regular. If you don’t know SpclGst.. he resides as a professional DJ/Artist  here in downtown Raleigh. Caught up? Cool. Now your probably going to want to follow him on Instagram because he has been hiding little packages filled with art & music around Raleigh and dropping hints on the secret location in his Instagram feed. Spclgst scavenger hunt? Hell yes.


Spot 1

Needless to say, I was totally psyched at this idea. Dropping off dope art filled with swag in downtown Raleigh, then giving clues to it’s whereabouts is the type of thinking that makes our city original and fun. Unfortunately if you’ve put these clues together from this post and are planning on making a detour to find your free swag, the hunt is already over my good people. Instagram user t_nguyen1003 moved fast and scored big!

Stay tuned though, SpclGst says he plans on giving away more art & music soon!



Be sure to follow SpclGst on Instagram for more dope treasure hunts.. And this dude t_nguyen1003 on Instagram ain’t to shabby either. Check out this shot… Right place, right time much?




Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is capturing the burgeoning cultural scene in Raleigh one frame at a time. With a multi-faceted skill set, this New York native brings an unending energy to every project he puts his back into. Joe stacks em’ high with holding down roles as audio engineer, DJ, photographer, editor, director and co-founder.

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