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Retrospective: The Abandoned Youth Detention Center Graffiti Walls

Retrospective: The Abandoned Youth Detention Center Graffiti Walls

During the late 1990’s/ early 2000’s the NCMA granted the public permission to paint freely on the walls of the abandoned youth detention center that has since been demolished. Prior to clearing the building to expand the parking lot for the renovated museum, the walls (and lookout towers) housed a constantly evolving display of graffiti from writers all over the country. I have collected as many photos as I could round up but I know there were hundreds more. Take a look and drop a line if you have any other photos you would like to contribute to the retrospective collection.

youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-15youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-16youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-14youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-10 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-13youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-18 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-12 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-11youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-09youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-17 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-08 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-07 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-06 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-05 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-04 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-03 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-02 youth-prison-wall-graffiti-raleigh-01


Sean Kernick

Sean brings a mix of social consciousness, inspiration and creative connection to his life as a family man, artist, social organizer, producer, creative director and co-founder. “Family, friendship, and artwork are the pillars that keep my foundation secure. I am always looking to expand and explore all forms of artistic expression.”

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