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Raleigh Film Underground x Oak City Hustle present “Wasted Land 2”

Raleigh Film Underground x Oak City Hustle present “Wasted Land 2”

The Raleigh Film Underground and Oak City Hustle present the Carolina premier of “Wasted Land 2”. Join us on November 5th at the warehouse on 628 Maywood for an exclusive screening of the most grimy, creative and straight-up deranged films you have ever seen.

Juxtapoz describes the film, “In “Wasted Land 2,” three solitary vandals (WOLFTITS, AVOID, and SMELLS) meet each other while seeking out the meaning behind the enigmatic artwork left behind by UFO (another nomadic artist). Roaming from one decaying zone to the next, in a never ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint- these artists form a pact with the other remaining desperate survivors (played by RAMBO, NOXER, EKG, and others). Through the practice of their ritualistic art- they will seek to attain truth and ultimately receive the answer to the question of their futility- “what’s the point?”

Writer and director Andrew H. Shirley will be in the house along with music from Raleigh’s finest DJ SPCLGST.


If you need more context heck out Mass Appeal review their recent premier in Detroit as well as the Juztapoz web feature.


Sean Kernick

Sean brings a mix of social consciousness, inspiration and creative connection to his life as a family man, artist, social organizer, producer, creative director and co-founder. “Family, friendship, and artwork are the pillars that keep my foundation secure. I am always looking to expand and explore all forms of artistic expression.”

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