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Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlor – Farm Fresh Nomadic Deliciousness

Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlor – Farm Fresh Nomadic Deliciousness

Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlor? What does that even mean? Well, it means that this trendy new ice cream spot at 131 S. Wilmington St. will be open from June 21st to September 30th 2013. You better hustle up and check it out before the pick up and pop-up somewhere else!

Owner/Operator Laura says it was in her best interest to take the space opportunity no matter how brief. A very bold gamble that played off beautifully. In what initially started off as a plea to be regarded as a staple in Raleigh, NC (feels familiar).. Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlor has gained a permanent residence @ 616 North Person Street as of last week!

Pop-Up Ice Cream_12

Pop-Up Ice Cream_15

The real success story here is in that fact that all of the ice cream is 100% homemade using only local farms. Did I mention it’s absolutely delicious as well?!

Pop-Up Ice Cream_6

Sssshh… The HOT FUDGE IS ONLY 50 cents!!

Pop-Up Ice Cream_4

Be sure to stop by both spots and show your local businesses some love!!

Pop-Up Ice Cream_16

Pop-Up Ice Cream_24


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