Oak City Hustle
Oak City Hustle’s own DJ Spclgst for the Win!

Oak City Hustle’s own DJ Spclgst for the Win!

As many of you may know Oak City Hustles resident DJ Spcl Gst is notably one of the most talented and hard working cats on the scene. Today is our last opportunity to vote for him in the NC’S MASTER OF THE MIX contest sponsored by Smirnoff.

Lets help him bring home the win for Raleigh! Voting is easy and is in no way spam.


You’ll be sent a confirmation text immediately after.. And that’s it. You’ve helped bring home the WIN and made a child’s dream come true! (Nah, but seriously, we love this dude and you should too.)

We will keep you updated on the Smirnoff Celebrity Bash to follow.

Thank you Raleigh, your the BEST!!

Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is capturing the burgeoning cultural scene in Raleigh one frame at a time. With a multi-faceted skill set, this New York native brings an unending energy to every project he puts his back into. Joe stacks em’ high with holding down roles as audio engineer, DJ, photographer, editor, director and co-founder.

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