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Oak City Artist You Should Know: Gabe Gets

Oak City Artist You Should Know: Gabe Gets

gabe-getsGabe Gets a proud product of Durham, NC, born and raised. His earliest memories of art were the storybooks his parents would read to him as a young child. Maurice Sendak and Graeme Base were his heroes as a youngin’. From the age of 4 – 12 all of his artwork was influenced by great white sharks and dinosaurs. He was rocking the shark tooth necklace with the Triceratops shirt and a T-rex Trapper Keeper in the Brontosaurus backpack.  Today, his inspirations have broadened into themes from the past and future including Dutch Vanitas, Science Fiction, Surrealism and 90’s comic book art.

Gabe has found that he can get easily bored working within the constraints of a single medium for too long so he experiments and tries new processes regularly. For freelance clients he generally uses pen and ink coupled with digital color, however when it comes to fine art he lets it run free. For his last solo show he was using a variety of mediums and techniques to produce his work including large-scale oil paintings, inked drawings, jewelry, pieces of taxidermy covered in latex paint. Art is a playground and Gabe likes to play like it’s field-day.

There aren’t any personal art shows on the near horizon for Gabe because his focus has been on curating events to showcase other local artists and musicians in an effort to further the scene in his native Durham. His brand Runaway has been key in making this initiative a reality by partnering with other businesses and like-minded organizations to throw parties and shows.  His next big art-related event will be this fall when he hosts another Runaway Release Party.  He is also heavily involved with the DURM Hip-Hop Summit, an annual Durham based music festival going down this August. Gabe realized a long time ago that in order to have a creatively inspiring experience in life you have to be a driving force and in turn others will do the same. Boom.

Check out more of Gabe’s artwork online at www.porkfriedart.com

His clothing design can be seen at www.runawayclothes.com or at one of the 12 retailers in the Triangle.

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Sean Kernick

Sean brings a mix of social consciousness, inspiration and creative connection to his life as a family man, artist, social organizer, producer, creative director and co-founder. “Family, friendship, and artwork are the pillars that keep my foundation secure. I am always looking to expand and explore all forms of artistic expression.”

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