What Does Nearly 100,000 North Carolinians Uniting Against an Extreme Right Wing Agenda Look Like?

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Since historically taking control of both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly for the first time since 1896 and electing a Republican Governor, the conservative legislature of North Carolina has bullied their extreme right wing agenda into the homes and lives of the citizens. The progressive population of NC has felt embarrassed, helpless and often times hopeless during the past 4 years. They say that in the midst of adversity leaders step forward and for the people of North Carolina, NAACP President Rev. William Barber has been that leader. On Saturday morning Rev. Barber led the “Moral March on Raleigh” from Shaw University to the North Carolina State Capitol. Estimates have numbered the total attendees upwards of 100,000 trouncing the previous years total of 17,000. It was a beautiful show of solidarity with a powerfully diverse mix of people representing multiple backgrounds, races and causes. The people of North Carolina are clearly frustrated and prepared to unite in order to redirect this dangerous path the legislature has been constructing. “Forward Together, Not One Step Back!

Oak City Hustle photographers Robert L. Brown and Seano were on the scene to document this legendary march on the Capital. Make sure to scroll through to see the beautiful series from Robert L. Brown.

Photos by Seano:01-_MG_106802-_MG_107903-_MG_108104-_MG_108605-_MG_110006-_MG_110307-_MG_110908-_MG_113509-_MG_112612-_MG_114213-_MG_117116-_MG_118915-_MG_121617-_MG_120518-_MG_122719-_MG_120220-_MG_125321-_MG_107022-_MG_125442-_MG_142724-_MG_126225-_MG_127026-_MG_129227-_MG_129528-_MG_130329-_MG_130630-_MG_133331-_MG_134532-_MG_134833-_MG_135134-_MG_135735-_MG_138636-_MG_139637-_MG_137438-_MG_140139-_MG_141441-_MG_142543-_MG_143744-_MG_1446


Photos by Robert L. Brown:07-IMG_7187silentlanguagephoto.com02-IMG_7259silentlanguagephoto.com03-IMG_7263silentlanguagephoto.com04-IMG_6995silentlanguagephoto.com01-IMG_7257silentlanguagephoto.com05-IMG_7016silentlanguagephoto.com06-IMG_7018silentlanguagephoto.com  08-IMG_6270silentlanguagephoto.com09-IMG_6292silentlanguagephoto.com10-silentlanguagephoto.com11-IMG_6324silentlanguagephoto.com12-IMG_6337silentlanguagephoto.com13-IMG_6350silentlanguagephoto.com14-IMG_6352silentlanguagephoto.com_1 

4 thoughts on “What Does Nearly 100,000 North Carolinians Uniting Against an Extreme Right Wing Agenda Look Like?

  1. In the country my family is from Cuba , every year the streets fill on May 1, May -Day the government sponsored manifestation of socialist workers , since there is no work or school that day, everyone is expected to be there. It is a show of might and tries to keep everyone mindful of the goals of the revolucion , Hasta la Victoria Siempre…. it’s big. A sea of Cubanity. Doesn’t feel like people power though. Many people feel less than hopeful…. So here we are in Raleigh, meeting each Monday… we have been with people gathering, for a myriad of reasons using our voices, protesting policies that hurt, getting seriously unified to push back. Moral Mondays, the weekly meet and march, and now this; a Saturday in February where the Historic Thousands on Jones Street multiplies exponentially to become 100,000 people together in unity to demand the respect of lawmakers in public, asking our elected representatives to meet our needs. The people united can never be divided. What a difference. There can be no denial. This IS what democracy looks like.

  2. We will not be satisfied to take one jot or tittle less than our full manhood rights. We claim for ourselves every single right that belongs to a freeborn American, political, civil and social; and until we get these rights we will never cease to protest and assail the ears of America. excerpt from Niagara Movement.

    Once I found out that the NAACP was not originally a religious movement, I was much more receptive. While I recognize that that is the only way white people allowed Black people to gather. I reject wholeheartedly that deception of waiting on Jesus to solve our problems.

  3. how can officials ignore such an out cry when their very election hinges on representing the people…..Oh wait, they must have changed that.?

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