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Midnight Anchor Presents Reloaded 2013

Midnight Anchor Presents Reloaded 2013

Midnight Anchor and Tobacco Barn put on an outdoor party last Saturday that was awesome. “Reload 2013” featured live painting from Bersk, Seano and Darts – DJ SPCLGST was in the house, the BBQ was fire, beer tasting and jewelry & crafts for sale. I can’t think of a better way to do Saturday in Raleigh. Make sure and check Midnight Anchor when your in the market for painting supplies and mural work.

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Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is capturing the burgeoning cultural scene in Raleigh one frame at a time. With a multi-faceted skill set, this New York native brings an unending energy to every project he puts his back into. Joe stacks em’ high with holding down roles as audio engineer, DJ, photographer, editor, director and co-founder.

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