Oak City Hustle
Merlion City Hustle (Krispy Kreme Singapore)

Merlion City Hustle (Krispy Kreme Singapore)

Greetings Oak City citizens!  I’m checking in from across the world with a special post.  I’ve been traveling the globe the past month (unfortunately, you may have noticed my lack of posts) and have arrived in the AMAZING city-nation of Singapore.

Singapore is known to be a foodie city, which developed from its long history of being a cultural melting pot.  This diversity helped create one of the most unique and best local cuisines on the planet.  But thats not why I’m writing today.  Today’s post hits a little closer to home.

The "Queue"

The “Queue”

When I got into town, I heard there has been a “donut craze” developing over the past…well…I’m not quite sure how long, but I heard theres been a second wave over the past year.  At the center of the new craze is North Carolina’s very own Krispy Kreme.

If you’ve lived in North Carolina for a certain amount of time, you’ve got fond memories of Krispy Kreme.  You remember the good ole’ days, before the IPO and Atkin’s diet fiasco’s, when there was nothing more joyous than seeing that “Hot Now” sign light up.  Some of us have probably even done the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge run through downtown Raleigh (it will be Feb. 8th this year).  Regardless of its past, it’s future looks bright and the timelessness of the glazed donut lives on.

Guys working the donut machine

Guys working the donut machine

You really have to see it to believe it.  The line for donuts snakes around a large section of the downstairs area of Tang’s on Orchard St, Singapore’s version of Macy’s near Time’s Square.

The line did not detract me at all, I was drawn to the surreal sight of a Krispy Kreme on the other side of the planet.  I had to have one.  Or half a dozen.  For the most part it was the same, the conveyer belt, the sign, and the paper hats.  Except I was in Singapore, one of the most modern and busiest metropolises in the world.  As I waited in line, an older gentleman was discussing with me the economics of its opening and how a brave entrepreneur paid $500k for the franchise rights alone.  I nodded with mild interest.  I didn’t care, I just wanted a donut.  And from my estimation, the economics worked out fine because the line was ridiculous.  They must be doing well.  “I’m from North Carolina,” I told him.

The donuts are better when the sign is on, duh!

The donuts are better when the sign is on, duh!

There are moments that make me proud to be a North Carolinian, seeing a Krispy Kreme doing extremely well overseas is one of them (Panthers winning the NFC South is another!!!).  While locally, the buzz may be about the latest sushi place or hotshot big city chef coming to town, our homegrown cuisines have translated well across the globe.  Be proud North Carolina, we’ve made it.

mmm donuts


original is the best

monkeying around

monkeying around in sentosa


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