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Behind the Bar: Bekah McGee @ The Raleigh Times

Behind the Bar: Bekah McGee @ The Raleigh Times

Bartenders are our gateway to the ever-flowing tap of life… well, actually the ever-flowing tap of Lonerider Sweet Josie Brown but almost as important. We thought it was due time that we shine the spotlight on those who help drown our sorrows and pour through the details of our discontent. Today we take a trip over to The Raleigh Times where we meet up with bartender Bekah McGee and ask her a few questions…

What is Your name?
Bekah McGee

Where are you from Bekah?
I was born in Apex. Born and raised in the area.

How long have you been working at the Times?
For about a year now.

Let’s imagine you are trapped on a deserted island. You can bring only one kind of beer that will flow to the island. What do you bring?
Almost any IPA. If I have to choose, I’d pick Greenman IPA.

Love the hops.

What movie title best describes your bartending style?
Little Miss Sunshine. Those dance moves!

Bartenders and barbers are known as our neighborhood therapists. What is the best advice you have given?
A woman came in and had just signed her divorce papers. She was pretty upset. I told her not to worry about what anyone else thinks. We control our happiness so we all have to do what we have to do to find happiness.

What would be your personal theme song that plays when you enter the bar?
Victory Dance by My Morning Jacket however it could be almost anything I can dance to. Anything but country.

Do you have a special hangover remedy?
Yes. Vitamins, a banana & a 6 shot latte from Cup a Joe. Plus some ibuprofen.

Time to play “Marry, F, Kill” with alcoholic beverages. Go!
Ok. I would marry beer. It is always changing, always something new.
I would F bourbon.
I would kill tequila. We have a love hate relationship. I love it but it hates me.

In closing, the world would be a better place if…
People drank more. Have a drink, Chill out & stop giving so much of a fuck.


The Raleigh Times is located on the corner of Wilmington and Hargett. With 3 full bars, an upstairs patio and an incredible service staff this bar is the centerpiece of downtown Raleigh taprooms. They are presently in the heat of competition for the “Keepers of the Craft Competition” sponsored by Draft Magazine. Take a minute, click on the link and help us represent Raleigh properly in this nationwide competition.









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