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Hit The Spot x Taqueria El Toro

Hit The Spot x Taqueria El Toro

Oak City Hustle is always on the hunt for the authentic spots that make Raleigh foodies jump for joy. Joey Spclgst Giampino mentioned this Mexican place we needed to try and, what’da ya know?! A new regular is born.

The spot is Taqueria El Toro located at 3615 Junction Blvd. Raleigh. Known favorably for their authentic choices of Beef Tongue and Beef Head, this gringo wasn’t game but I will say the food was delicious. The menu seemed endless and the pricing was surprisingly low.

Say what you will, but when I enter a restaurant I’m always drawn to the people and right away I knew I was in the right spot. What’s the saying? “Never trust a skinny chef.” Well I tend to agree and you can tell the quality of food by the ethnicity of the crowd sometimes as well. My confidence soared immediately given the majority of patrons were hispanic and latino.

After ordering two gorditas and a carnitas taco for under $12, the food rushed out on a tray in about 5 min. Like, really? Damn that was fast. The staff was super friendly and enjoyed my surprised expression. About a half turn later I see Spclgst pulling from a most impressive condiment bar. I zeroed in on the Pico De Gallo and Cilantro and made my way. Another added bonus for the 10% of folks that feel that cilantro tastes like soap is that it is served separately as a condiment. You are safe from the “I asked for NO Cilantro, but it’s all over my food anyway” scenario.

I won’t get into the ingredients so much as I’m no chef, or educated food critic. I just know what tastes DAMN GOOD and what seems blah, or meh.

The food was extra fresh and the best Mexican I’d had in NC so far. You can definitely blame me if your unhappy with this spot. It’s so damn good, I’m not worried a bit.

Big thanks to Spclgst on the recommendation and please feel free to let us know your favorite spots to hit!

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Keeping it classy with the Carrots, my dude.

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