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FIVE STAR Gets Two Snaps, a Twist, and Twirl

FIVE STAR Gets Two Snaps, a Twist, and Twirl

When you think about how fast Raleigh has grown over the past few years, it’s quite amazing. Giants like Citrix and Red Hat are now part of the vast growing skyline in Downtown Raleigh. Restaurants and Bars are popping up everywhere and it seems that every week there is a new hot spot that everyone is talking about. Then there is the original hot spots, the ones that are truly the backbone and inspiration behind this sprawling city. One of these original institutions is know as Five Star Restaurant, which is located 511 Hargett St. in the Warehouse District of Downtown Raleigh.

Five Star has not only hosted top tier musical artisans such as Dj Premier, Spinderella, Pete Rock, Ztrip, Dj Klever, Erykah Badu, and many many more. It has absolutely amazing food. As of recently they started serving lunch, which is by far one of the best deals in town. I’m personally a huge fan of the Tortas, which are served with either spicy cucumbers, or asian slaw. Trust me they are banging!!!!

If you cant make it down for lunch, don’t worry your little socks off because they serve food until 12AM..BOOM!!!


Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_35

So last week BBoy Mickey, Bottle Rocket Joe Bruno, and myself (SPCLGST) had a little case of the munchies and decided to make our way down to the tracks to grab us a bite.


Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_6 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_1 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_16 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_23

We started off with the Heat-seeker Shrimp, which is a staple and one of the legendary dishes they are known for. If you don’t know and have never had a chance to have it, then you need to hop in your car as we speak and order it NOW. I’m not not joking.

Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_2Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_5

We also went H.A.M on an order of Sesame Beef, which lasted ahhhhh…. about five seconds, due to how good it was. I’m serious. It’s that good.

Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_7 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_26 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_27 Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_14 6 1

I can go on and on about every dish they have, and every dish we annihilated, but there’s really no need to. It’s a spot that has stood the test of time and has been the GO TO for over ten years.  The drinks are stiff and compliment the food, the staff is cute, the food is banging, the music is hip, and the late nights can get wild!!!

FIVE STAR gets two snaps, a twist, and twirl.

Five Star Food x Oak City Hustle_31




Spclgst’s willingness to explore has made him a DJ in demand. Having held down residencies in New York and Philadelphia, he’s become well-known in Raleigh with weekly shindigs at both The Hive at Busy Bee and Five Star. But such success is not enough for him. He’s constantly looking to push his skills to the next level.

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