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Downtown Raleigh Retail: Feelgoodz

Downtown Raleigh Retail: Feelgoodz

It is only fitting that one of the burgeoning retails spaces in DTR specializes in super-comfortable flip flops with a motto of “Steppin’ easy”. There couldn’t be a more fitting product to be sold in a city that is craving exploration. As you know, Oak City Hustle is a firm supporter of Downtown Raleigh retail. A flourishing retail scene goes hand-in-hand with a flourishing downtown marketplace which in turn assists with stirring the pot of local culture.

Next time you are hanging out at Raleigh Times, swing around the corner on Wilmington and check out Feelgoodz. Feelgoodz is committed to upholding fair market values and lessing your carbon footprint, so grab a pair of new shoes and continue exploring Downtown Raleigh!



Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno is capturing the burgeoning cultural scene in Raleigh one frame at a time. With a multi-faceted skill set, this New York native brings an unending energy to every project he puts his back into. Joe stacks em’ high with holding down roles as audio engineer, DJ, photographer, editor, director and co-founder.

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