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SPCLGST reviews: Bison Bar

SPCLGST reviews: Bison Bar

The Bison

If you know then you know, if you don’t then you need to know. Located across the street from your favorite heartburn spot, who I might add has $.99 Hot Dogs on Tuesdays. (AKA Snoopy’s) You will find this little gem of a watering hole.

The Bison has a very diverse crowd, and when I mean diverse, I mean REALLY DIVERSE. The early hours brings you the Salty Blue Collar, cold beer drinking, dark liquor, I just got introduced to Fireball, Lets play nudie touch, I used to do this and that Al Bundy kinda crowd. As the sun sets, the real fun begins………

This is a service industry’s favorite!!!!! They trickle in from high to low end, which leaves fun for all and can be a great old time. You can cheers with a Hooters girl, a Lily’s Pizza cook, or even the chef at NOFO……etc.

Sometimes you might just run into an old friend who now is in a Motorcycle Gang. (That Actually Happened)

The Music varies from genre to genre depending on which hot little betty is requesting it at the time. Im a personal favorite of when a Juicy J, or Waka Flocka song drops. Instant sing alongs!!!

The Drinks are cheap and the SPCLS are always my go to, but I do dare you to take a BISON BOMB. Its basically the shot heard around the world. It will change your life…kinda.. at least for the evening!!! SO strap on your BOOZE GOGGLES and make your way over to The Bison…PS..DONT WEAR YOUR COLORS

Pool Table – Yes

Touch screen – Yes

Pinball – Yes

Dog Friendly – Yes

Hot Chicks – YES (AFTER A BISON BOMB ALL 10’s)

Hot Dudes -Yes (ME)

Specials -Yes

Fireball – DUH

Cookouts – Yes

Food – No

TV’s – Yes

Parking – Yes



815 E Whitaker Mill Rd

Raleigh, NC 27608

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Spclgst’s willingness to explore has made him a DJ in demand. Having held down residencies in New York and Philadelphia, he’s become well-known in Raleigh with weekly shindigs at both The Hive at Busy Bee and Five Star. But such success is not enough for him. He’s constantly looking to push his skills to the next level.

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