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Dasan Ahanu – Tall Ambition

Dasan Ahanu – Tall Ambition

Standing at 6’7”, it is hard for anyone not to notice Dasan Ahanu walk into a room. However, it is more than his height than that will hold the attention of those around him. For quite a number of years, he has been the face of spoken word poetry for the Triangle.  Across the state, as well as across the country, people have been captivated by his clever use of metaphors, his unforgettable delivery, and amazing lyricism.  Many would describe him as a modern day Gil Scott Heron or Langston Hughes mixed with conscious hip-hip and impeccable taste in footwear. When asked to describe himself, Ahanu stated that he is a “melting pot of intelligence, Hip Hop, southerness, and weirdness”, which he strongly embraces.


Many people in this community turn to this contemporary Renaissance man for his creative leadership. On any given day you can find him somewhere between teaching at a local university,  recording music, coaching both basketball and poetry slam teams, organizing, play writing, facilitating workshops, mentoring, performing, traveling, and hosting events. Yet between everything he has on his plate, Dasan found the time to write and collect pieces to be a part of his newly released spoken word album entitled “Last Temptation Before Sunrise: the prologue”.  Fans of this nationally ranked poet have been long awaiting this album since the release of his last project in back 2012.


August will begin a new journey the life of poet because Dasan was recently announced as the 2015-2016 Nasir Jones Fellow at the Hip Hop Archive at Harvard University. For nine months he will be researching lyricism in Hip Hop. For the first time a long time, Dasan will be stepping back from his many creative roles in the community to focus on personal academics and artistic endeavors. With this, he plans to continue to build his poetry collection by recording a follow up to his current spoken word CD which will be heavily inspired by this academic transition. “I am excited because I will in a place for the first time when can clearly see what’s next with my art”

Gemynii Evolving

Gemynii is a self taught artist who mainly works with painting. She is also a poet, art instructor, and community activist/organizer.

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