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Bedowyn x Hopscotch 2014

Bedowyn x Hopscotch 2014

Our main man, SPCLGST, caught up with Bedowyn to get some background before their upcoming Hopscotch performance. Peep the interview below!

How did the band get started?

Bedowyn started in November of 2011 through a combination of a Craigslist post, mutual friends, and coworkers.

How many members? Names/Instruments?

We are a four piece band, Mark Peters plays the dominant/lead guitar, Todd Parham is our bassist, Marc Campbell plays the drums, and myself, Alex; I play the guitar and try my best to execute vocally. 

How can you explain your sound?

This is a tricky one; the short answer would be that we play “heavy” music. Each of us has so many eclectic influences that we draw from both consciously and subconsciously, that it’s difficult to say we play one particular school of metal. We are definitely driven musically by bands like, but not limited to, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Mastodon, and ISIS, but we don’t necessary look to those bands for decisions we make directly involving our sound. I’ve been personally writing lyrics pertaining to the dark side of human emotions and fictional story telling. I don’t write about my personal experiences in Bedowyn. I prefer to let our songs become an outlet for interesting narratives I conceptualize, if they take on first person perspectives, they’re based in fiction.  


Influences?  Other interests?

It’s crazy how different some of our influences are, and how we meet in the middle on others which I why I think we have some freedom in our music and it tends not to be very polarizing. A few of us are into motorcycles; three of us are digital and fine artists on the side as well, both professionally and recreationally. Concert-going of course. 

What bands would you like to have a chance to play with? Or have played with?

Damn, we’d love to play with so many bands. Some great bands that we have shared the stage with are ASG, Black Tusk, Devil To Pay, Black Thai, American Sharks, Whores, and Castle. We’ve played a number of shows with great Raleigh bands like Horseskull, Demoneye, and the Hell No. There are some really excellent bands in the Triad like Irata, and also tons in Charlotte. We’d love to do some local shows with King Hitter and, of course, COC. We’d also like to get on more festival shows throughout the region also.


Most memorable shows?

We just played a killer show at Kings here in Raleigh, which is just one of the most accommodating, best sounding venues we’ve had the pleasure of performing in. That was memorable because the bands, the sound, and the staff were awesome. 

Opening night at the Maywood, a place we call home to our rehearsals and formerly Volume 11, was awesome opening up for ASG. The Maywood is always looking out for us, Robbie over there is the man. 

Any new projects?

 Yeah, we’re in the pre-production for our first full-length record that will hopefully be out before the end of the year. It’s us, but more finessed and developed. We’re really proud of where we’re at with it thus far. 


Upcoming shows?

This month we’re playing in Charlotte at Snug Harbor on the 15th then we make our way to Greenville, SC the following night. We’re going to be at Reggie’s in Wilmington on the 28th, and the Hopscotch on the 5th of September, which we’re super stoked about. 

Any last words?

We’re having a great time with this and we really appreciate all the fans and support we’ve gotten thus far. We started this thing out as just a project to have a good time playing music we all like, and maybe rock the Dive Bar once in a while. We never thought we’d be selling CD’s overseas and playing an event like Hopscotch. The journey so far has been really great, and we’re excited about all the new friends we’ve made along the way.


You can experience Bedowyn during Hopscotch September 5th @ 9:30pm @ Kennedy Theater!!




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Thank you to Bedowyn, and we can’t wait to see your performance!


Spclgst’s willingness to explore has made him a DJ in demand. Having held down residencies in New York and Philadelphia, he’s become well-known in Raleigh with weekly shindigs at both The Hive at Busy Bee and Five Star. But such success is not enough for him. He’s constantly looking to push his skills to the next level.

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